“You can never get a cup of [coffee] large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis



I’ve written at-length of my long-held respect for my father. My love for military novels and political discourse was born from a childhood by his side. Although I no longer live under his roof, I remain my father’s daughter. This book is one of his favorites – a recommendation of all recommendations, if you will. At my brother’s wedding, all three of my brothers and I decided to start a book club, and it was only right to start with our father’s favorite.


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Good grief, I’ve got to stop starting books before I’ve finished others. I read With the Old Breed years ago after my father gave me a copy. I had an interesting childhood. Movies like Saving Private Ryan were the norm in our household. I distinctly remember my entire family sitting in our dark, book-laden library/living room, huddled on the couch, watching HBO’s series The Pacific before bed. The series was based off of this book, so reading it brings me back to simpler times when the Vander Voort household was full and I didn’t live 1,500 miles from my loved ones.


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Examined Lives is a book I was required to read for my senior seminar class here at APU. Although this book has already proved to be a difficult and rather dry read, I have been looking forward to this class since freshman year. Any class that opens the floor to candid discussions on American politics, foreign affairs and current events has my full attention.


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This book was also a requirement for a class, but I am excited about reading text that is renowned as a “National Bestseller” over a textbook. This course taught me the ins and outs of desktop publishing, an extremely valuable skill.


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If you know me, you know that my father’s thoughts are highly regarded by me. Although I look like my mother, I have my father’s heart. He bought me this book in the spring of 2016, but I didn’t get around to reading it until summertime. I spent that summer interning at The Heritage Foundation, where interns go through a rigorous program that is rather academic – meant to train interns in conservative thought. This program sends off its interns with boxes full of books, and this one was among the many. Let me tell you, it was worth the recommendation by my most respected person and institution.


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As a conservative, William F. Buckley has a special place in my heart. My dad has given me several of his books with the added comment, “Keep a dictionary by your side when you read this, and make sure you look up every word you don’t know.” At first I thought, “Whatever, Dad. I’m pretty well-read. I’ll be fine.” HA! Grab a dictionary and buckle up, folks.


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Just read this. Trust me.


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It Was Me All Along is an absolute must for any girl/woman who has ever struggled with the image she sees in the mirror. It’s a candid story of hurt and hope, struggle and success.  I made my mom read this book once I was through with it, and she finished it within a few days.



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While studying at Georgetown for a semester away, I was assigned to read this book by my professor Hon. Bradley Blakeman, a former advisor to both Bush Administrations. Regardless of which way you lean politically, Rudi Giuliani can teach you a thing or two about leadership. I mean, come on… he was a Republican mayor in an extremely liberal city. The man knows how to lead.

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